Issue Background

Protecting Patient Access To Treatment

CRA has advocated for patients and physicians for nearly 10 years.  We support protection of the physician-patient relationship and ensuring that the appropriate medications are available to patients based on medical necessity.

The CRA website offers the latest news on legislative and regulatory changes of impact to rheumatologists, non-physician providers, practice administers and patients.  CRA offers a variety of ways for members and patients alike to make their voices heard.

CRA Newsroom — Latest news on CRA advocacy and activities, state and federal legislation and regulation and newly enacted laws, as well as local, state and national news.

Action Center — Information on key California state and federal legislative proposals CRA is tracking, including CRA's position, bill summary and recent votes. You will also find Calls-to-Action on legislative priorities.

Key Issues — Overviews of key state and federal issues, such as limiting step therapy and Medicare payment reform.

CRA Advocacy Committee — Members are encouraged to consider joining the CRA Advocacy Committee. No experience required; just well-intended ideas. Minimal time is involved.

Please contact the CRA Executive Director Amanda Chesley, JD, for more information on CRA's government relations program and ways to become more engaged.